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Three Faculty Retire

Oh, The Places You'll Go! Grading papers and entering data      won't be missed but the lives they have touched make a very long list.   A Reitrement Celebration was held on May 19th for the three staff members that are retiring from Wilber Clatonia Marla Musil 1st grade teacher retiring after 33 years at WC Kathy Helgren secretary retiring after 25 1/2 years at WC Sally . . .


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Rain Forest Rap

Miss Nedrig's Second Grade

Miss Nedrig's Second Grade class performed Rain Forst Rap for their parents and guest. They had a great time preparing the rap, making "tin foil rain forest animals" and performing for their guests.


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Authors Tea

Mrs. Bates' Second Grade

Mrs. Bates' Second Grade class held a Authors Tea for parents and guest. The students had a good time writing and illustrating their stories. Snack and drink were served follow the readings.


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